Timber Block Glulam Bridge Schwäbisch Gmünd - DE

Timber girder birdge with a stepped section and granite decking

Timber Girder Bridge Sigmaringendorf - DE

Delicately suspended girder bridge

Timber Girder Bridge Wahlscheid - DE

Bicycle and pedestrian extension of an existing concrete bridge

Timber Block Glulam Bridge Leeuwarden - NL

Timber bridge with a boat shape

Timber Block Glulam Bridge Welzheim - DE

Curved bridge for the Laufenmühle

Timber Block Glulam Bridge Almere Stripheldenbuurt - NL

Timber bridge crossing a canal in Stripheldenbuurt

Timber Block Glulam Bridge Gschroeff - AT

Timber bridge connecting an industrial area and nature resort

Timber Girder Bridge Deventer - NL

Bridge over the Overijssel canal

Brücke #1

Timber Girder Bridge Keltern - DE

Pedestrian bridge as an important junction for pipe works

Timber Box Girder Bridge Ijsselstein - NL

Box girder bridge for marina

Brücke #1

Timber Girder Bridges Blauwe Stad - NL

Heavy duty bridge in the "Blue City"

Timber Girder Bridge Eemnes - NL

Small timber bridge that can carry small vehicles

Timber Girder Bridge Speyer - DE

Curved girder bridge made of timber

Timber Girder Bridge Böhlen - DE

Extension of a road bridge with a timber construction

Timber Box Girder Bridge Weikersheim - DE

Footbridge "Heiliges Wöhr" at the castle of Weikersheim

Timber Trough Bridge Leuba - DE

Trough bridge at the Neiße bike path

Timber Trough Bridge Ebersbach - DE

Functional trough birdge for pedestrians and pipes

Timber Trough Bridge Krefeld - DE

Schoolyard bridge for Montessori school

Timber Trough Bridge Kirchzarten - DE

Footbridge crossing main road

Timber Trough Bridge Gaasterlan - NL

Bike path connection with a noble finish

Timber Trough Bridge Schmelz - DE

Footbridge at a camping site

Timber Trough Bridge Wolfach - DE

Serrersteg across the Kinzig

Timber Trough Bridge Garmisch - DE

Trough bridge with alpine panorama

Timber Trough Bridge Hoppegarten - DE

Upside down trough forms supporting structure and roof

Timber Trough Bridge Kreuth - DE

34 meters span bridge construction

Timber Trough Bridge Altenahr - DE

Design trough bridge for heavy loads

Timber Trough Bridge Köln Merheim - DE

Connecting bridge Hospital Köln Merheim

Timber Trough Bridge Herbrechtingen - DE

Durable construction with proved details

Timber Trough Bridge Bautzen - DE

Trough bridge as the preferred variant solution

Timber Suspension Truss Bridge Höchstadt - DE

Double truss for 12 Tons heavy vehicles

Timber Suspension Truss Bridge Moritzburg - DE

Traditional timber bridge with modern details

Brücke #1

Timber Arch Bridge Höngesberg - DE

Arch bridge over the Agger

Timber Wildlife Crossing Luckenwalde - DE

Wild crossing in timber over the B101

Timber Arch Bridge Düren - DE

Archbridge crossing the river Rur

Timber Arch Bridge Kalkar - DE

Renovation of arch bridge

Timber Arch Bridge Markkleeberg - DE

Simplicity in wood

Timber Arch Bridge "Jägerstieg 2" - DE

"Real" arch bridge with Thüringener timber award

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Wolfratshausen - DE

Lighted pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Loisach

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Aggerbogen Lohmar - DE

Aggerbogen: S-shaped cable stayed bridge over the Agger

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Werratal - DE

Bicycle bridge in Werratal

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Tauberbischofsheim - DE

Timber bridge with moisture measuring system

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Ahrweiler - DE

Bridge in Eifel

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Almere - NL

S-shaped cable stayed bridge with block beam

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Möckmühl - DE

Sophisticated design for development of Kocher-Jagst bicycle route

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Winschoten - NL

Cable stayed bridge in "Blue city"

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Kaiserslautern - DE

Replacement of pylons and additional lateral cladding

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Pirmasens - DE

Combination of cable stayed and trough bridge

Brücke #1

Timber Cable Stayed Bridge Hochstetten - DE

Cable stayed bridge

Timber Truss Bridge Nettersheim - DE

Design for new railway crossing bridge in Nettersheim

Timber Truss Bridge Strasjonsstranda - NO

Heavy duty bridge in Norway

Timber Truss Bridge Sneek II - NL

Heavy duty bridge with twisted Accoya beams 

Timber Truss Bridge Oloron - FR

Timber-steel composite with truss

Timber Truss Bridge Sneek - NL

Heavy duty bridge in gothic style with twisted Accoya block beam 

Timber Truss bridge Traunreut - DE

Truss bridge with round laminated beams

Timber Truss Bridge Templin - DE

Old tradition in new guise

truss bridge emmendingen

A modern traditional truss-bridge

Timber Truss Bridge Ainring - DE

Truss brige with panoramic view on mountains

Timber Truss Bridge "Jägerstieg" - DE

Bridge over highway with Bongossi-truss

Timber Strut Frame Bridge Passau - DE

Heavy duty load bridge in timber for 60 tons heavy vehicles 

Timber Strut Frame Bridge Grünbach - DE

Cross-country ski bridge

Timber Strut Frame Bridge Benneckenstein - DE

Heavy duty bridge over railway

Timber Strut Frame Bridge Bad Mergentheim - DE

Strut frame bridge

Timber Stress Ribbon Bridge Gera - DE

"Dragon`s tail" for the "Bundesgartenschau"

Timber Concrete Composite Bridge Schiffarth - DE

Heavy duty load bridge over the Agger

Timber Concrete Composite Bridge Schwäbisch Gmünd - DE

Station bridge und Rokoko bridge for the Landesgartenschau in Baden-Württemberg

Timber Concrete Composite Bridge Bad Lauterberg - DE

Two bridges over the Oder

Timber Concrete Composite Bridge Wippra - DE

Pioneer project

Timber Concrete Composite Bridge Winschoten - NL

Asymetric shape

Timber Concrete Composite Bridge Ruhpolding - DE

Cross-country ski bridge for biathlon

Exterior Facade Louis Vuitton, Cancún Mexico

Big department store of Louis Vuitton in Mexico

Timber Sculpture University Dublin

Sculpture made of unarranged Accoya columns

Brücke #1

Timber Seating Benches Accoya Nettersheim Station

Seating benches from Accoya glulam for Nettersheim station

Brücke #1

Accoya Park Benches Berlin

Park benches made of Accoya wood

Timber Artwork Bury Boatbridge

Timber sculpture in boat shape

Timber Artwork Bury Balance beam

Timber sculpture made of glulaminated timber

Treewalk Panarbora with timber observation tower

Treewalk with 360° view

Timber Observation Tower "Green Center"

Supporting structure from local larch...

Timber Observation Tower "Dillblick"

Timber tower in Herborn

Timber Observation Tower „Black Moor“

Timber tower with a square base area

Timber Halls, Sparkasse Kerz

Roof construction of this hall is suspended arch...

Timber Artwork

Projects In Timber Artwork

Wood has always been a material that is used by sculptors and artists. It retains its aesthetic even for large objects and convinces with color and warmth.

It is not only that we work with glulam but we also create emotive and exciting pieces of art.

Several art works from sculptor Claus Bury show the potential of wood implementation in architectural sculptures.